The Angel Haircut: Why This is Going Viral [from]

The Angel Haircut: Why This is Going Viral [from]

Tone Hair Salon is getting noticed all over the web recently with The Angel Haircut. Most recently cited by in their January 11th, 2023 release of "The Angel Haircut: Why This is Going Viral"

In this article they explain:

  • What to do if your client requests an Angel Cut
  • What it means when a client asks for an “Angel Cut?”
  • The difference between Angel Cut and Angel Cut with layers
  • Signs stylists can watch out for
  • How Angel Cut lingo helps stylists with difficult clients
  • How the Angel Cut was inspired
  • Other ways to ask for help
  • Next steps, and more!

Read the FULL ARTICLE to read why this critical trend is making headlines.

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