We highly encourage consultations. Prices cannot be given over the phone, so please book a complimentary consultation. Please note, that not all stylists offer complimentary consultations, please inquire when calling for your appointment.

Hair Extension Consultation:

Experience our exclusive Hair Extension Consultation featuring the Invisible thread method, utilizing Leda’s premium hand-tied Extensions, available solely at Tone Hair Salon. Our experts meticulously custom color the extensions to seamlessly blend with your natural hair. Secure your spot now and become part of the thriving community of Swan Babes in Raleigh, NC! Please note that natural hair must be at least shoulder length for optimal results

New Guest In-Salon Consultation:

We’re eagerly looking forward to meeting you! To ensure we align with your hair goals for your next session and beyond, we highly recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our expert stylists. In this 15-minute session, your stylist will assess the health of your hair, discuss color application plans (if applicable), and provide guidance on at-home maintenance. We’ll also go over pricing details, ensuring transparency and clarity about what to expect.

In-Salon Consultation with Strand Test:

One of our stylists will conduct a strand test during your appointment. Upon booking, half of the service fee will be credited towards your appointment, along with the required deposit.

New Guest In-Salon Consultation with Master Colorist Leda:

I’m thrilled to meet you, dear! With over 20 years of experience, I’m equipped to handle even the most challenging cases. Blondes, Color Corrections, and extensions are my specialties, and I’m passionate about delivering the finest results while preserving your hair’s integrity. During your 30-minute consultation, we’ll delve into the health of your hair, devise a color application plan (if applicable), and discuss at-home maintenance. Rest assured, all pricing details will be thoroughly explained so you know exactly what to expect.

Haircut, Oribe Treatment, and Blow Dry:

Your haircut experience begins with a 15-20-minute consultation to ensure we understand your needs. Enjoy a luxurious scalp massage and a customized salon-only treatment by Oribe. Your session includes a wet cut, and a beautiful and long-lasting blow-dry, and concludes with a dry precision cut for the perfect finish.

Dark Root Touchups, Toner, and Haircut (1-2 Hour Service):

This service is ideal for dark root touch-ups exclusively, without any highlights or foils. If you’ve used box or dark dye, we recommend opting for the 7 to 9-hour option. You can add a haircut at the time of your appointment. Prices will be discussed before the application. For pricing details, please call (919) 701-7027

Grey Blending:

At Tone Hair Salon, we’ve perfected the art of gray blending through our specialized technique. For clients with previous dark hair color, we request a consultation with a test strand. Our pricing is hourly and will be thoroughly discussed before any application. Reach out to us at (919) 701-7027 to explore pricing options.

Highlights, Balayage, Bleach Retouches (3-4 Hour Service):

This service is perfect for highlights and balayage techniques. For clients with a box or dark dye, we recommend selecting the 7-9 hour option specifically designed for such hair types. You can add a haircut during your appointment. Pricing will be reviewed before application. For detailed pricing information, please contact us at (919) 701-7027.

Full-Color Transformation (5-6 Hour Service):

Looking for a stunning hair transformation? Our services are perfect for those seeking a big change! If you’ve used box or dark dye, our 7 to 9-hour option is designed specifically for you. Need a haircut too? No problem! We’ll discuss prices before getting started. Give us a call at (919) 701-7027 for pricing details and get ready for your incredible transformation!

Color Transformation for Boxed or Dark Dyed Hair (7-9 Hours):

Get ready for an incredible transformation! Call (919) 701-7027 to book your appointment, as our time slots may not be available online. This is where we shine as the BEST of the BEST! Please keep in mind that removing a box or dark dye can be unpredictable, so your visit may vary in length. We highly recommend scheduling a consultation with a test strand before your appointment. This is a Color Correction, and to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the process, we’ll provide lunch during your lengthy visit.

Experience the best in hair services tailored just for you:

  • Premium Card Bleach Blonde
  • Women’s Haircuts
  • Child Haircut (Under 5 – Dry Cut Only; Wash and Blow Dry Not Included)
  • Brazilian Blowout
  • Men’s Haircuts (Blow Dry Not Included)


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