How Domestic Abuse Didn’t Stop Leda Fazal

How Domestic Abuse Didn’t Stop Leda Fazal

Leda @ledafazal joins us again this week to share her story growing up in an abusive household and the toll it took on her family. Listen to her inspirational journey towards hair and how she has made the most of her past experiences to become the successful hairdresser she is today.

This Week's Topics: 

  • Growing up in an abusive household
  • Running away and getting emancipated
  • Using work ethic to support herself and go to college
  • Having a bad experience as a client motivating her to hair school
  • Reconnecting with her father & that experience affecting her as a mother

Hairstylists: you can learn the signs of Domestic Abuse - there’s actually a program stylists can take called Cut It Out that teaches:

  1. How to recognize signs of domestic abuse
  2. How to compassionately communicate with someone in your chair about it. 

Go to for more info on the program

Domestic Violence Hotline 800.799.SAFE (7233)

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