Shop Local Raleigh Interviews Leda

Shop Local Raleigh Interviews Leda

Meet the Owner Series presents Tone Hair Salon - Leda Goins

Leda Goins saw a “For Sale” sign for a three-room office and it changed her life. Leda was considering another place to continue styling hair, and came across the space that is now Tone Hair Salon. Her mother in-law is a realtor in Raleigh and introduced her to the office. Leda had a vision to transform the basic office and create something amazing. Leda purchased the building in October 2016, finished renovating it in November, and opened the salon in January of 2017. The salon feels like a real home and is beautiful. “My stars aligned here,” said Leda.

Leda graduated from Peace College in 2003, in Communications. She was interested in TV Broadcasting and during her time at Peace, she interned for G105, a popular pop radio station in the area. After college, instead of pursuing a career in communications, she knew she wanted to do hair. She attended the International School of Hair Design in Raleigh and began styling hair. For the first couple years, she worked in a salon, but quickly realized that she wanted to be on her own. Leda operated her own booth rental for 12 years until opening up Tone Hair Salon.

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