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What Makes Charcoal Lighteners Different?

Hello, I’m Leda, and I’m thrilled to present to you my comprehensive guide on Charcoal Bleach. Over 80+ minutes, I’ll take you on my journey with charcoal bleach, sharing why it’s become my go-to and why I remain a staunch advocate.

In this video, we’ll explore the realm of hair treatments, helping you discern the right candidates for charcoal bleach. We’ll navigate the complexities of root touch-ups and the pitfalls of improper execution leading to unintended color corrections

I’ll delve into why I’ve chosen to forgo foil in my charcoal bleach process and discuss the array of brands available, addressing concerns such as scalp irritation and the importance of patch testing. We’ll dive into the application process, mixing our charcoal bleach and developer, filling the air with its unique, earthy aroma, and I’ll guide you through the application.

I’ll demonstrate why I utilize a cap and foil on top while avoiding heat during the process. And remember, patience is key with charcoal bleach – I’ll explain why good things take time. Moving on to rinsing, I’ll show you when and how to rinse effectively, emphasizing the significance of clarification and toning.

Lastly, I’ll share the satisfaction of seeing clients leave without a trace of the dreaded yellow tinge in their hair, expressing their delight with the magic of charcoal bleach. While some stylists may hesitate with this method, I’ll illustrate how this unique approach can set you apart on social media, attracting a broader clientele

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Train With Your Mentor & Become A Charcoal Lightener Certified Stylist

Leda Fazal guides you through the correct usage of charcoal lightener (BLEACH) to achieve a stunning platinum blonde before applying toner. While many stylists shy away from it due to inadequate training and subpar results, Leda demonstrates the optimal application technique and highlights common mistakes to avoid. Learn how to integrate charcoal lightener into your practice effectively to enhance your profitability!

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